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Photo Credits

Photo credits for photos in our website.

Most of the photos we took ourselves but we thank all those who have contributed to making this site more beautiful and exciting.


  • Giovanni Baldini


  • Emanuele: Piccole Dolomiti
  • Andrea de Pasqual: Santa Lucia
  • Marco Cecchini: Vajolet
  • Crisitian Ruberti: Marmolada


  • Jenny Rollo: Marzipan sweets, Tuscan door,

Yorkshire Dales & Lake District:

  • Jenny Rollo: Side door of Howarth Church, Heather
  • Jonathan Ogilvie (jont) www.sxc.hu: Hawthorn, Clints & Grikes
  • James Unsworth: Jetty on Derwentwater
  • Jamie Dearnley: Snow on Fells


  • Charles Kitchen: Tree in field, Gateway to a field
  • Monika Zietek: Building in Oxford
  • Les Watts: Anne Hathaway’s house

English Country Gardens:

  • Tina Bruce – Etched In Stone Photography: Bee on Lavendar
  • Ruben Joye: Packwood

We do our best to keep our photo credits up to date but if you see a photo of yours please let us know and we will add you name to the list.