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Activity level guide

Pace and Terrain

At Caspin Journeys all  our tours are designed to be enjoyed by a wide variety of active people with general good health. We pride ourselves on pacing each day perfectly so that there is time for everyone to enjoy it and not feel under pressure. We encounter a variety of terrain from wide gravel paths, to narrow, rocky trails and gradients vary too. We set a comfortable pace which gives everyone time to enjoy each aspect of the day. On our more strenuous tours there are often two levels of walk from which to choose. Some people walk at a faster pace while others like to chat or take photographs. Some people do well on the ups while others prefer the downs! You may be ahead on the trail in morning and enjoying strolling at the back later on!


There is also usually the option to do less than a full days walk. And if you need a day off you can choose to do that too and either stay at the hotel or travel in our minibus, visiting the sites and enjoying the views! At evening briefings we go through the next day’s itinerary and explain the distance, terrain and height gain/loss.

Walking levels

Our tours are graded by activity level and the day by day itineraries give walking time, distance and elevation information to help you prepare well.

Getting in training!

While we feel that most healthy individuals with a reasonable fitness level can achieve our walks, you will get much more out of it if you train accordingly beforehand. Get out walking every day on varied terrain and if possible the type of terrain described in the activity level for your chosen tour. Always walk up and down stairs instead of taking elevators! If you cannot exercise outdoors then do go to a gym and use treadmills and stair machines. The more you do the more you will enjoy it! Remember -all of our tours involve a degree of climbing in historic & archaeological sites and medieval villages! Ankle supportive shoes or boots are always recommended !

Activity Level Ratings

  • Easiest:- Cotswolds, Puglia and Basilicata

Walks and hikes through gentle terrain, across fields, along coastal trails with little elevation gain/loss; altitude is not a factor. Occasionally slightly uneven paths and trails –

  • Easy-Moderate:- Southern Tuscany and Umbria

Walking and hiking trails and paths through rolling countryside with occasional steep trails with up to 350m elevation gain/loss.

  • Moderate:- Northern Tuscany and Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Camino de Santiago

Activity that involves walks and hikes mostly on unpaved trails and paths through hilly terrain with typical elevation gains and losses of 350-600m. There may be occasional steep and uneven sections of trails and steps.

  • Moderate-Stenuous:- The Dolomites, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District

Full day hikes, approximately 4-6 hours through mountainous terrain with significant elevation gains and losses (600-900m). Terrain may be rugged with uneven footpaths; the average altitude is generally no more than 1500m. Don’t worry, if you are fit and able but aren’t as strong as your partner, we mostly have easier alternatives on offer.

  • Strenuous:- The Dolomites,

Full day hikes, 5-8 hours, requiring good stamina and some trekking through rugged mountainous terrain with steep climbs and descents of as much as 1500m, altitudes that can exceed 2000m and some rugged uneven footpaths. For full enjoyment of these tours good fitness is required.