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An Update on COVID-19

Dear Friends and fellow travellers,

Undoubtedly over the past few weeks, you will all have been reading about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the number of cases diagnosed around the world. Italy is currently featuring prominently in the media!

Given the unprecedented situation we’re all facing as a result of Covid-19, we wanted to provide an update on what this means for any travel plans you may have with Caspin Journeys.

We will continue to operate our tour schedule ensuring that those customers who still wish to travel can do so, where travel restrictions allow and in line with guidance from health authorities.

We understand there is uncertainty around travel at this time, so if you currently have a booking with us and are concerned do get in touch. We always work with our clients to find the best possible solutions. 

Please follow this link to find the most up to date news relating to travel advice by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to:




This is a comprehensive update from the Italian Tourism Board

As you know, Caspin Journeys is owner-operated by Pino, Caroline and Antonio and we run all our own trips. This gives us a lot of flexibility to make changes on the spot, even when we are on tour. We are carefully monitoring and addressing the situation every day. We remain vigilant and as always are prepared to work with our clients to find the best possible solutions to travel risks and restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you this year.

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