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Letter from the directors

Dear Friends and fellow travellers, We are dreaming and looking forward to that marvellous moment when we are all able to leave our homes and the lockdown. We are imagining striding out on long walks in lovely locations, enjoying lingering picnics and savouring a glass of tasty wine in good company. We have been doing […]

Escher in Abruzzo

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972) needs no introduction. The Dutch artist’s mathematically inspired artwork featuring impossible objects and geometric shapes, unique perspectives on nature, symmetry and reflection that have left an indelible mark in the history of art, graphics and design. Escher spent a great part of his life in Italy, from his 30s […]

Campo Imperatore

The “Little Tibet” of Italy Suffice to say that while doing research for our new Small Group Walking Tour of Abruzzo we were completely blown away by Campo Imperatore. We were awestruck by the vast expanses of this high-altitude plateau completely surrounded by high mountains resembling the Dolomite rock. Located at between 1500m and 1900m […]

Ovid, Sulmona & Abruzzo

An introduction to one of the oldest cities in Abruzzo A trip to Abruzzo is not complete without a visit of Sulmona. During our walking tour in Abruzzo we make a point of spending two nights in this wonderful medieval city. The history of Salmona is ancient and can be traced back to the Peligni, […]


Galicia marks the final lap of our journey, only a mere 150 km separate us from Santiago now. Walking the high peaks of Galicia, surrounded by endless mists, my mind traces back every step and I wonder how far I have come and how much further could I go yet? The Camino opens your mind […]


With Galicia waiting just round the corner and Santiago now closer than ever, the time to leave Matavenero had finally come. Living here for nearly a week is a moment in my life that I will always cherish. Along the Camino you learn to appreciate the value of the simple things in life, and here […]


23rd June 2014 Walking the Camino is like playing a game; you’re always looking out for the next shell or yellow arrow to lead you along the right path to Santiago. We left the monastery we had been staying in and returned to following the signs – shells engraved in the streets of the city. […]


18th June 2014   As we stepped into the streets of Leon we felt a heavy weight lifted off our shoulders. Soon we would be leaving the region of Castilla and Leon behind us, moving on from these monotonous stretches of farmland and heading for the more exiting scenery of Galicia. Known as the Mesetas […]


4th June 2014   The Camino is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. That evening we went to bed in Estella tired, aching and drained. We woke hardly feeling any better. Even more disheartening was the empty dormitory we woke to at 7,30. Everyone had already set off and we […]


1st June 2014 Most pilgrims usually set off early in the morning: we never managed to get going until at least 9. After our night out in Pamplona, at 11 we were still in the albergue. All night the bars and streets had been heaving with people eating pinxos and drinking wine and at only […]


30th May 2014 “Then we crossed a wide plain, and there was a big river off on the right shining in the sun from between the line of trees, and a way off you could see the plateau of Pamplona rising out of the plain, and the walls of the city, and the great brown […]


27th May 2014 Our Camino begins in the quaint village of St Jean Pied de Port, today the principal gateway to the pilgrimage. Sitting at the feet of the Pyrenees, “Foot of the pass” Pied de port, the walled town still has a medieval feel about it.   St Jean Pied de Port Excitement woke […]

1 Day Walking Tour of Rome – part 2

From the Imperial Fora to the Vatican Museums – part 2 We all love Rome, beautiful ancient city, one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe! in a simple blog post is a kind of heresy! So we thought to give you a little guide for your next visit to the Italian capital to make the best […]

1 Day Walking Tour of Rome – part 1

Discover the real soul of Rome Condensate almost 3000 years of history of the beautiful Rome in a simple blog post is a kind of heresy! So we thought to give you a little guide for your next visit to the Italian capital to make the best out of your time and to not miss […]

Hidden Gems on the Tuscan Coast

Argentario and Tuscan Archipelago In just a few weeks we set off to run our first Tuscany Golf Tour, an exciting project we have been developing over the last few years, with special attention to non-golfing partners. Before the tour starts, Simona and Antonio went to do the last bits of research and put the final […]

Corsican History, Culture and Gastronomy

While you are waiting to join us on our Grand Tour of Corsica Walking tour, here is a little preview of what to expect from this mesmerising island! A History of Corsica Archaeologists estimate that the first humans arrived in Corsica around the 7th century BC after crossing the sea from the Tuscan coast. These Neolithic […]

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte

The First Emperor of France Small in stature, Napoléon left behind a huge legacy. Napoléon Buonaparte was a military general who became the first emperor of France. To this day he is one of the most celebrated personages of the West. Napoléon was born in 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. He was the second son of […]

Why the Faun?

Two things we always get asked on our trips: the origins of the name Caspin and our logo, the Faun. Well, one thing led to the other. We had run out of ideas for an interesting company name and decided to blend our nicknames: Cas and Pino into Caspin. Caspin reminded Caroline of a book called Prince […]

Tour Montalcino’s Top 5 Wineries

Paradise for wine lovers Tuscany and wine go “mano nella mano” – hand in hand. For wine lovers, this magnificent region that’s so close to our heart is the Holy Grail and it’s responsible for producing some of the finest wines in the world.     The long tradition of wine making is not just an […]

Blessed Are the Tuscan Cheese Makers!

Pecorino Cheese Artists No matter how many times we tell ourselves we fall in love with Tuscany for its art, culture, history and heart-wrenchingly beautiful scenery, if we’re honest, it is all that, of course, but a lot of it is our enduring passion for the food! Some of the most pleasurable experiences of our […]

Experience the ancient emotions of the Amalfi Coast

Pompeii & Paestum – Stepping back in Time One of our most popular small group tours of Italy is undoubtedly that of the Amalfi Coast, where sensational coastal scenery merges idyllically with beautiful sea towns such as Amalfi, Positano and Sorento. Serpentine roads, lemon groves, and an exclusive trip to Capri are the perfect setting […]