Corsica is the third largest Mediterranean island, belongs to France and has a long history that makes it a compelling destination. It boasts a wide variety of scenery - coastal landscapes, stunning shorelines, breath-taking mountains, refreshing forests and high-altitude lakes perfect for outdoor excursions and hiking. It is located in the western Mediterranean sea just north of Sardinia, south-east of France and off the west coast of Tuscany (Italy).

Archaeologists estimate that the first humans arrived in Corsica around 700 BC after crossing the sea from the Tuscan coast. Many examples of Corsican Neolithic culture are still visible, mostly under the form of Menhirs connected to religious rituals and related to the cult of the dead. Most of them are located in the archaeological sites of Cucuruzzu, Filitosa, Cauria and Arraggio.

All the main players in the history of the Mediterranean have had at least a settlement in Corsica: starting from the Torrens, followed by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Etruscans, the Romans, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths, the Lombards and the Saracens, the Byzantines, the Moors, the Pisans, the Genovese, the Spanish and the French.

In 1729 a rebellion against the island’s rulers ushered in a period of war and revolt, culminating in the establishment of a Corsican Republic by the nationalist leader Pascal Paoli in 1755. Corsican independence lasted just 14 years, during which Paoli granted it a remarkably Liberal Constitution, arguably one of the most enlightened in Europe, and founded a university in Corte, at that time capital of the island.

In 1768 the Genovese sold Corsica to France and the island was soon taken over by an invasion of French troops. Except for brief periods of occupation by the British (1794–96), the Italians and the Germans (1942–43), Corsica has remained French territory ever since.

This short historical introduction gives you an idea of the unique character of this Mediterranean island rich in culture and traditions and remarkable in natural landscapes.

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