Spain is an exotic and diverse country with an ancient history and heritage. It is homogeneous and yet varied in its language, climate and customs. In this country we find a magnificent mix of art, culture and architecture in cities and towns such as Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Seville. Spain conjures up vivid images of bull running and matadors, fiestas and flamenco dancing, late night dining and dancing and much more.

Spain is a hiking destination which stirs the souls. From the untouched Picos D'Europa in the North, to wild Andalucia in the South, and don't forget about the Camino de Santiago. The ancient pilgrimage routes to the shrines of St. James the apostle in Santiago de Compostela are the backbone of Spain cultural heritage, they cross the whole Iberian Peninsula, in fact they span most of Europe, and all converge in one mystical and magical place in Galicia.

The breadth of gastronomic experiences that wait for you in Spain are mouthwatering. From the simplest of tapas in crowded bars, to high-end gourmet meals prepared by famous chefs, food is everywhere in Spain.  Wine is Spain in exquisite, everywhere you will be tasting Tinto, from Rioja to Ribera del Duero, and the countries quaint wine towns are the perfect destination to travel to for wine-lovers.

We are quickly growing our Spanish tour selection, so check back in soon and your sure to find some new experience waiting for you.

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Experiences in Spain

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    10 Days

    Join us on our Walking Tour in Andalucia, Spain. An exciting destination that brings together hiking, culture, food and wine! At the crossroads between Christian & Moorish architecture, the beauty of cities like Sevilla, Cordoba & Granada are well known,…

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      Camino de Santiago

      13 days

      El Camino de Santiago is one of the most important medieval Christian pilgrimages. Walk with us as a small group of pilgrims from Roncevalles on the French-Spanish border to the Atlantic Ocean along the old route of Saint James to Santiago…

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