Asturias is a magnificent outdoor museum that stands out for the diversity of its countryside. It has a unique combination of sea and mountains, and can boast some of the most spectacular Natural Parks of Spain. Asturias is a destination off the beaten track, where you can enjoy nature peacefully, and away from the crowds. And do not forget its unique gastronomy. Asturias is a great pantry: local cheeses, “fabada” bean stew, cider are some local dishes not to miss. Its stunning culture, ethnography, traditions and its friendly inhabitants, all these are the ideal ingredients for an incredible journey to an astonishing destination.

Join us as we climb the Picos de Europa, taste cheese in ancient caves, and trace back the ancient pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago. Many routes lead to the sacred city of Santiago de Compostela, and two of these pass through Asturias, the Primitive Way & the Coastal Way. On this amazing trip you will see prehistoric cave paintings, climb to the high lakes of the Somiedo Natural Park, and maybe even spot bears roaming in the wild.

All this is what you will live on a Caspin Journeys tour to the Picos d'Europa.

Keep in mind that all our tours are flexible to meet your needs and requirements.

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Tours in Asturias

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    Asturias & Picos De Europa

    8 days

    Our Walking Tour in Asturias & Picos de Europa,  on the north coast of Spain, between the Bay of Biscay and the interior plateau, takes you off the beaten track, where the discerning tourist can enjoy magnificent and varied scenery, wildlife and…

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