Puglia lies in the southeast of Italy - the heel of a boot - and its coastline runs along the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Otranto is considered the most eastern city of all of Italy with views across the Adriatic to Albania and Greece.

Peaceful, authentic and truly different, the heel of Italy has been occupied by and travelled through by conquerers heading to other parts of Italy making the region rich with culture, history, architecture and much more to offer to the intrepid traveler.

In Puglia the weather is mild all year round, its coastline is perfect for beach lovers and walkers who want to stroll along its rugged shores. Inland you will find endless centenary olive groves to explore, with ancient olive trees more than a thousand years old, most likely planted as far back as in Roman times. They have witnessed the unfolding of history.

The architecture and cultural landscape in Puglia are diverse and span the ages. From ancient Roman aqueducts and amphitheaters to Gothic cathedrals and flamboyant Baroque buildings; the unusual Trulli - white, 16th-century conical roof houses which iconically define the image of Puglia, recently made UNESCO heritage. Visits to the towns of Alberobello, Locorotondo and Ostuni are a must. But even the bigger cities like Lecce and Otranto have much to offer.

Puglia has been transformed from a rugged and rough region to an upscale and classy destination without losing its authentic character.

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Experiences in Puglia

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    Puglia & Matera

    8 Days

    Explore Puglia on foot with us on our exciting walking tour and enjoy breathtaking sea views along a rugged coastline dotted with Trulli vast expanses of ancient olive groves seemingly untouched by time. Our journey in Puglia is one of our…

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