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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with a sunny climate, the active volcano Mount Etna, spectacular mountains and fertile plains which produce a delicious array of extraordinary food. Shaped like a large triangle and accessible from Europe, Africa and Asia, Sicily has a long, long history. Almost everyone has invaded and occupied Sicily at some time. It is the island off the southern most tip of the boot of Italy that was like a ball being kicked around in the sea! As a result, it is a real melting pot of history, art, architecture, and culture.

Its ancient Greek temples are amongst the most impressive, like those found in the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento. The most complete Roman mosaics are in the Villa Casale in Piazza Armerina and equally impressive is the amphitheatre in Syracusa. If you are still yearning for more, then you can find Byzantine mosaics, Arab domes and Norman palaces to admire!

The coastline of Sicily is like no other, with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Nature has bestowed upon this island all its most precious natural gifts, now preserved for us in nature reserves such as the Zingaro and the Madonie National Parks. On the eastern side of the island stands imposingly the active Vulcano of Mount Etna, visible from everywhere on a clear day.

Food is a pivotal part of any Sicilian experience, as it is everywhere in Italy. Fish is one of the high points of the island's cuisine. Freshly fished every morning by local fishermen, it is sold in vibrant and noisy street markets. For those with a sweet tooth rejoice and try Cannoli and Cassatelle, the traditional local pastries filled with fresh ricotta cheese - they are to die for. And on a hot sunny day Sicilian Gelato or Sorbetto are the perfect thing to cool you down. Ancient techniques and recipes are used everywhere to make unique local dishes - fish cuscus or pesto made from crushed tomatoes and almonds just to mention just a few!

Wine in Sicily is synonymous with the Gods and grown on the island since ancient Greek times. Increasingly popular and gaining in notoriety are its sweet desert wine in Marsala, dark ruby red Nero D'avola and fresh, fruity white Zibibbo.

Sicily, the crossroads of the Mediterranean, is an inspiring and seductive island where everything has come together in a unique way.

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