Via Francigena together with the Camino de Santiago is one of the most ancient and important pilgrimage routes in Europe.

In the middle ages people from all over Europe began journeying to the sacred christian shrines to pray at the tombs of the apostles and martyrs. The habit spread across Europe, creating an intricate web of roads connecting Rome in the south, Santiago in the west and Jerusalem in the east. From cities as far north as Canterbury, Cluny and Utrecht pilgrims journeyed from their homes along the Via Frangicena on their way from Northern Europe to Rome where many would hope to journey on south to the port of Bari in Puglia cross the sea and complete their pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the sacred sepulchre in the Holy Land.

Not only pilgrims but also Royal families and merchants from the rest of the continent travelled along the route for commercial and political reasons.

To accommodate the needs of this steady flow of travellers, hospices, towns and whole cities were born. Monasteries and churches were built. Bridges and roads were constructed and through them all passed the pilgrims, priests, merchants, soldiers, kings and princes. As they went they interacted with local residents. Religious and political ideas travelled, commerce flourished and technological innovation spread.

The pilgrim roads became a platform for trading goods and a melting pot for knowledge. Europe became a giant loom where the european identity of Europe was woven and people of widely differing cultures lived according to similar values and ideals.

All this is what you will experience on a Caspin Journeys tour along the Via Francigena.

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    Via Francigena

    13 Days

    Our Via Francigena walking tour follows one of the three major medieval pilgrimage routes, together with the Camino de Santiago and the Way to Jerusalem. We start in the Alps and walk our way through the heart of Italy to reach and enter the Eternal City…

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