We’re used to traveling on our own. Will Caspin Journeys suit us?

Many of you are very experienced and independent travellers but you repeatedly tell us: “We are tired of handling all the logistics and love leaving all the hassle and details to Caspin Journeys and then just relax and immerse ourselves in it”.

We know the locals on all our trips and they love meeting our groups because we are small enough to get into private homes, chat to villagers, fit in small restaurants and enjoy all kinds of unexpected events that aren’t accessible to large groups of tourists following a red umbrella.

The average Caspin Journey has just 10 guests and many are even smaller.

We also make time for you to explore on your own too and enjoy that unique sense of discovery that is often just waiting around the corner of a sleepy hamlet when the rest of the world is somewhere else or asleep!

You compliment us on our ability to make a trip to inevitable touristic highlights without feeling bombarded by the crowds – how did we avoid them so well you say? Ah well, our Caspin guides did the homework for you!

Are you convinced yet?