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Medieval Hill Towns of Umbria: Montone – Monastery of S.Ubaldo – Gubbio

We travel along the Tiber valley to the quaint hill town of Montone for morning coffee. On arrival in Gubbio we take the cable car to Monte Ingino for views of Gubbio’s roof tops and monuments. Its traditions and folklore include the legend of St.Francis of Assisi taming the Wolf and an incredible candlestick race, ‘Corsa dei Ceri’. See the giant candlesticks in the monastery of S.Ubaldo. We walk 20 minutes to lunch in a restaurant at the edge of the National Park of Monte Cucco before walking back to the trail which descends into town. The Umbrian 3C BC ‘Egubine Tablets’ conserved in the Palazzo dei Consoli are testimony to the town’s ancient history. Legend holds that Gubbio was one of the first five towns to be built after the Great Flood. Depart at 9.30am. Return from Gubbio at 5.00pm.