Ovid, Sulmona & Abruzzo

An introduction to one of the oldest cities in Abruzzo

A trip to Abruzzo is not complete without a visit of Sulmona. During our walking tour in Abruzzo we make a point of spending two nights in this wonderful medieval city.

The history of Salmona is ancient and can be traced back to the Peligni, an Italic population living in central Italy in the 4th century B.C.. They were later conquered and absorbed into their territory by the Romans, in a similar fashion to the Umbri and the Etruscans.

sulmo mihi patria est ovid sulmona monument Abruzzo-Small-Private-Groups-Walking-Hiking-Tours-Caspin-Journeys
Sulmona is my hometown, very rich in cold waters.

Under Rome, Sulmo (i.e. Sulmona) was a provincial city of minor importance and its chief claim to fame was being the birthplace of Ovid.

Ovid is best known for his 15-book epic poem, Metamorphoses which narrates the story of the world from the beginning of time to Julius Ceaser though ancient Greek and Roman mythology. His work, like Virgil, was rediscovered in the Middle ages and was widely acclaimed during the Renaissance. It played a crucial role in influencing authors such as Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare.

During our Small Group Walking Tour of Abruzzo we will get the chance to see the statue of Ovid in one of city’s main squares.

Today Sulmona bears little evidence of its Roman heritage, and instead boasts some impressive Medieval and Baroque buildings.

Among its most ancient structures is an aqueduct build by the Norman King, Fredrick II and his son Manfred, Kings of Sicily during the 13th century.

The aqueduct is still visible today and cuts straight though the main piazza of Sulmona, where today the weekly market takes place and a Palio horse race is staged every summer.

medieval aqueduct in Sulmona abruzzo
The aqueduct represent the economic demographic and cultural flourishing that Sulmona had achieved.

For us Sulmona is an ideal base from which to explore the area during our Small Group Walking Tour of Abruzzo. From here we will visit one of the best Montepulciano di Abruzzo wineries as well as discover the history of Pope Celestino V and explore some of the hermitages founded by this unusual personage. Amongst these the hermitage of Sant’Onofrio al Morrone perched on a cliff edge stands out as the most impressive and unique.

What is more in Sulmona you will discover the local Confetti tradition, with some of the worlds most famous confetti producers in the world having their shops here.


colourful flowers made by confetti
Sulmona’s colourful Confetti


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