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Packing List

Some useful tips

Lost Luggage:- To avoid inconvenience in the event of lost/delayed luggage, we recommend you carry onto the plane your washing kit & medications, a change of clothes, walking boots and day pack.

Travel Tips:- Travel in your boots and bring slippers for the plane journey. Earplugs are useful, especially if using city hotels where church bells or traffic may be a nuisance. A small umbrella can be useful for rain and shine protection. Medicines you know are always more comforting, so it is worth bringing a small supply of your prescribed and favorite cures!

Water:- Water in Europe is drinkable unless it says otherwise, but those who are sensitive may wish to drink bottled water.

Breakfast:- Most hotels offer a range of items including cereal, fruit, yogurt, eggs, bread and pastries, cheese and ham. In England you can get a cooked breakfast!

Luggage allowance:-  1 MEDIUM CASE H60cm /24″; W40cm /16″; D28cm /11″  + 1 DAY PACK.

We have limited space in the minibus and reserve the right to refuse your case or ask you to pay transfer fees  if you exceed these limits – also if you are traveling before or after the tour remember that you will have to carry your  luggage up and down steps and stairs!

Think practically:- Do pack carefully for the sake of your arms and ours; it is amazing what you can do without!


  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Health/emergency insurance policy
  • Credit cards
  • Photocopies of all the above
  • Some loose currency
  • First aid (blister kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, pain-killers)

Recommended clothing:- Lightweight and comfortable clothing is best for walking !

  • Hiking boots/thick soled or ankle supporting shoes
  • Socks, woollen or cotton, several pairs
  • Thermal/silk undershirts (useful if you feel the cold)
  • Shorts or trousers with zip-off legs
  • Shirts or T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Sun/Rain hat
  • Water-windproof raincoat (leggings optional but useful)
  • Washing kit, razor etc.
  • Underwear and nightwear
  • Training shoes
  • Casual change of clothes & shoes for the evenings
  • Men – jacket is optional
  • Swimwear (you never know when you might want it)

Miscellaneous items

  • Water bottle (we provide a plastic 33cl bottle for refill)
  • Camera
  •  Light binoculars
  • Reading/writing material
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel/plug/adapters
  • Tube of washing detergent (laundry services are expensive and not always available)
  • Walking sticks – we provide these for use – 1 stick per person