Experience the ancient emotions of the Amalfi Coast

Pompeii & Paestum – Stepping back in Time

One of our most popular small group tours of Italy is undoubtedly that of the Amalfi Coast, where sensational coastal scenery merges idyllically with beautiful sea towns such as Amalfi, Positano and Sorento. Serpentine roads, lemon groves, and an exclusive trip to Capri are the perfect setting to soak in the solar warmth of the south, while sipping delicious Limoncello, a truly important local tradition!


beautiful panorama of Capri
Monte Solaro, Anacapri


What’s more this small group tour gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the past, and step back into Greek and Roman times, by visiting the perfectly preserved sites of Pompeii and Paestum, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The perfect size of our groups means you can take your time to explore, discover, take pictures, ask questions and pick our brains for local knowledge to truly experience these famous sites like never before.



Life came to an abrupt halt in Pompeii in 79 AD, when the sudden eruption of Vesuvius covered the ancient roman city under a think layer of ash for 1700 years.

Today it is one of the best preserved examples of Roman civilisation, not only are most of the building still intact, but everything that was inside the houses and shops also, from gold and silver pieces, to kitchenware, to terracotta lamps and much more. Amongst the most impressive features are the intact frescos, incredible mosaics and peculiar graffiti and inscriptions (anciently made for electoral propaganda) which bring a whole new layer of colour to the city.

The visit to Pompeii on our small group tour is probably one of the best opportunities to take a glimpse into the daily life of Roman citizens in what was one a rich and vibrant city. The prestige of the city is evident when we step into the arena of its grandiose amphitheatre, an impressive construction capable holding up to 12 hundred spectators, all eager to watch the gladiators and exotic animal fight for their life.



Slightly to the south of the Amalfi Coast lies the ancient Greek site of Poseidonia, later Paestum, an excellent compliment to the Roman ruins of Pompeii and a must see on our small group tour of Italy.

Spectacular, impressive and enchanting in its own right, Paestum is famous for its three well persevered Greek Doric temples, the oldest of which “The temple of Hera” dates back to 560 B.C. The other two temples are slightly better preserved, can be dated back to 500 A.C and were dedicated one to the Goddess Athena and the other to the God Neptune. The old town square (agora’) can still be seen today and one can walk along the ancient ruins of the city walls for a stretch of nearly 5km.

The Greek city was later conquered by the Romans, the Temples used by early Christians before the site was largely abandoned in the Middle Ages. It was not until the young men of the 18th century Enlightenment started traveling around Europe on their Grand Tour that this unique spectacle became once again appreciated, and word of it started to spread across the continent.


If all this sound exiting and you would like to know more about the breath-taking Amalfi Coast then you should join us on our next Amalfi Adventure!

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