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Small group tours travel blog : Italy, England & Spain

Each of our adventures combines fantastic hikes, authentic cultural experiences and wonderful accommodations. It all adds up to a phenomenal travel experience. We embody tradition and modernity and a new, sophisticated way of enjoying countryside life. With us, you travel in the richest artistic heritage in the world in the warmth of the Mediterranean or the breathtaking mountainous landscapes of Alpine and Lake country. Through our contacts with the locals, we can give you access to an extraordinary variety of flavours and great events; an unforgettable holiday. We are a sustainable travel company and we leave no traces behind as we go! Thank you for reading our small group tours travel blog.

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Pompeii & Paestum: Stepping back in Time
Experience the emotions of the Amalfi Coast One of our most popular small group tours of Italy is undoubtedly that
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Blessed Are the Tuscan Cheese Makers!
No matter how many times we tell ourselves we fall in love with Tuscany for its art, culture, history and
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Tour Montalcino’s Top 5 Wineries
Tuscany and wine go mano nello mano – hand in hand. For wine lovers, this magnificent region that’s so close
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Tuscany’s Treasures Combined: Art and Wine
Not that I’m biased in any way, but it never ceases to amaze me that, for such a relatively small
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Three Historic Hill Towns of Tuscany
Close your eyes and conjure an iconic view of Tuscany… I’m fairly certain the vision of rolling sunburnt hills and
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Eat Like an Italian – Tuscany’s Best Cuisine
For so many people, the first thing they think about when they think of Italy is the food – and
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Learn to Cook Like a Local in Tuscany
Nothing makes me happier than being able to share the warmth and hospitality of the ‘authentic’ Tuscan way of life
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Discover the Magnificent UNESCO Sites of Tuscany
Because we specialise in small group tours, we get a lot of clients looking to tailor their holiday to a
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Exploring Puccini’s Lucca
The best thing about small group tours is being able to focus on whatever our clients are interested in, then
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Traditional Tuscan Menu – Easy to Make at Home
Saturday was the welcome night of our one week Gourmet Cooking Tour in Tuscany, run from the Molino di Bordone.
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Explore Tuscany’s Most Beautiful Hill Towns
One of the most popular small group tours of Italy among nature lovers and history aficionados consists of an itinerary
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A walk to Castelmola
Alone on a sunny October afternoon I started up the hill from Taormina on a walk to Castelmola via a country
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