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Traditional Tuscan Menu – Easy to Make at Home

Saturday was the welcome night of our one week Gourmet Cooking Tour in Tuscany, run from the Molino di Bordone. After a lovely welcome drinks party to meet all the guest, our chef Luca prepared a fantastic lighthearted summer menu, which you can recreate with great ease at home. Heres the menu & recipe!!


Antipasto – Vegetables in Pinzimonio


Ingredients: Celery Stalks, Carrot Sticks, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.

Prepare a dish of sliced vegetables and serve with the infused oil, salt and pepper for dipping.




Main – Risotto ai funghi porcini (wild porcini mushroom risotto)

Ingredients: 25g dried porcini mushrooms, 175g fresh mushrooms, 75g butter, chopped parsley, 1ltr broth, olive oil, 1 onion, 275g risotto rice, 100ml dry white wine, salt and fresh ground black pepper, 45g freshly grated parmesan cheese.


Soak the dried mushrooms in water for 40 minutes then use the liquid (strain if necessary); put the soaked porcini in a side dish. Wipe the fresh mushrooms and slice finely. In a large pan melt 1/3 of the butter (or use oil), stir in the fresh mushrooms and cook until they begin to brown and give up their juices, stir in the parsley, cook for 30 seconds more, then remove to the side dish. Mix the broth and mushroom water and simmer. In the same pan now melt another 1/3 butter (or oil) and cook the onion until soft and gold. Using a fine rice for the best results, coat the rice in butter or oil then add simmering stock one ladle at a time and stirred over a low heat until it is completely absorbed. Then add more stock and cook until tender and creamy (about 20 minutes). Add back the sautéed and soaked mushrooms and mix well. Take off the heat and for the “mantecura” add a knob of butter and parmesan cheese and stir in until very creamy. Grind in black pepper and add salt to taste and leave to rest for 3-4 minutes before serving.


Second Course – Faraona in crosta di sale (Baked guinea-fowl in salt crust)

Traditional Tuscan Menu - Baked guinea-fowl in salt crust

Ingredients: 1 guinea-fowl, garlic, rosemary, sage, 4kg coarse salt, 4 egg whites, extra virgin olive oil, pepper

Clean and prepare bird putting inside a clove of garlic, sprig of rosemary, sage, a drizzle of oil and a pinch of pepper.

In a bowl mix together the egg whites and salt and then cover the entire exterior of the bird first with olive oil and then with the salt mixture. Bake in oven for 1.30hrs at 200’C. Remove from oven, break salt-crust in two with a knife using its point as a lever. Remove the bird and cut into pieces, returning the pieces to the inside of the crust for serving. This dish is delicious when accompanied with roasted potatoes and onions.


Dessert – White and dark chocolate mousse (Mousse di cioccolato bianco e fondente)

Ingredients (white): 150g white chocolate, 200ml whipped cream, 2 egg yolks, 1tsp liqueur

Ingredients (dark): 120g dark chocolate, 2 egg yolks, 20g icing sugar, 200ml whipped cream, 1tsp liqueur

Break chocolate into pieces, melt gently in bain-marie and stir to obtain smooth liquid (tepid – 35’C). Whip cream to peak. Mix liqueur, egg yolks and chocolate, fold in cream with spatula. Cool in fridge for 1 hour. (same procedure for both types of chocolate)




A nice & easy meal to impress your friends!

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