If you carry on a pair of slippers to put on in the plane you can travel in your boots giving you more room in your case. Some people find earplugs useful, especially if using city hotels where church bells or traffic may be a nuisance. A small umbrella can be useful for rain and shine protection. Medicines you know are always more comforting, so it is worth bringing a small supply of your favourite cures!


To avoid inconvenience in the event of your luggage being misrouted, we recommend that you carry onto the plane your washing kit and medications, a change of clothes, walking boots and day pack.



Water in Europe is drinkable unless it says otherwise, but if you are sensitive may wish to drink bottled water.



We do our best to avoid extreme temperatures, but when the sun is out then it is hot so please come prepared with a sun hat and remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Walking general advice 

The most important tool for a walking tour is a good pair of boots. When you are on your feet all day, hiking, site-seeing or visiting monuments, if your feet are sore then so will be your humour!
Please do take note of this and choose your footwear carefully.
DO NOT bring a brand new pair of boots that have never been worn. DO NOT assume that tennis shoes will see you through the day on stony and slippery paths, through puddles and mud. Buy shoes in which YOU feel comfy. Try on different types before purchasing. Do not let aesthetics rule sense 😉

Please consider the safety of your and our backs and travel lightly. Many European hotels are in old buildings and do not have elevators. Stations do not have escalators so do be prepared to carry cases up and down stairs. For the safety of our backs, we reserve the right to refuse to carry unduly heavy cases up to the bedrooms.


1 MEDIUM CASE (60 cm/24″ x 40 cm/16″ x 25 cm/10″) + 1 DAY PACK (43 cm/17″ x 33 cm/13″ x 15 cm/6″).
We have limited space in the minibus and will ask you to pay transfer fees if you exceed these limits. Remember, if you are traveling before or after the tour you will have to carry your luggage up and down steps/stairs! Do pack carefully for the sake of your arms and ours; it is amazing what you can do without!


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