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    Scenic Tuscan countryside
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    Walk to Ancient Greek temples in Sicily
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    We slow down the pace. the best way to travel is on foot
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    Spectacular alpine experiences
  • Palio Siena Historic Parade Tuscany Italy Escorted walking Trips by Caspin Journeys Image
    Immersed in local culture and traditions
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Our Walking Tours

Our walking tours, prices and all the amazing things you get!

The highest standards of walking tours at extremely competitive prices. Real value for money. Don’t take our word for it, make a few comparisons for yourself.

What is included

2 experienced guides with you 24/7; minibus transport from start to finish; rooms with private bathroom, buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners including wine and after dinner coffee; gratuities for hotel porters and waiters; entrance fees to museums, events and parks as listed on itinerary, local specialist guiding fees. Not included: air transport, lunch on 1 free day (occasionally 2 lunches on longer tours).

Where you stay

Luxury hotels, medieval palaces, family run hotels, manor houses and historic inns with character, charm, good food and a friendly atmosphere.

Food and Wine

An authentic taste of the flavors of each region:- continental and buffet breakfasts; picnic feasts, lunches; dinner menus carefully chosen with local chefs. With these we serve fine wine of the region.

Walking levels

Individual itineraries are graded with walking time, distance and elevation information to help you choose the right tour for you. While we feel that most healthy individuals with a reasonable fitness level can manage our walking tours, you will get more out of it if you train accordingly beforehand. We are happy to discuss our walking tours with you.

Pace and Terrain

We combine friendly gradients with strenuous hills. We encounter a variety of terrain from wide gravel paths, to narrow, rocky trails. We set a comfortable pace which gives everyone time to enjoy each aspect of the day. On our more strenuous tours there are often two levels of walk from which to choose.

Guides and experts

We personally research each walk and find the best places to visit on the way. We guide our own tours, with local experts for specific fields such as art-history, archaeology, alpine botany and geology where detailed knowledge is beneficial and educational.


We travel in our own very comfortable 12-seater minibus, transporting you and your luggage safely from place to place. The minibus travels with us on most days and is available for anyone wishing to opt out of all or part of any walk.

A wonderful way to travel

You leave behind the chaos of life , discover on foot and in a small group. You get healthy exercise in stunning countryside, educational visits to local towns and villages and learn more about the local archaeology, history and culture.

Share and savor the unexpected beauty and calm of the countryside; sample the seasonal flavors of local foods and fine gastronomic delights; taste locally produced wine or ale; experience the hospitality of local people; absorb the atmosphere and understand their culture.

You have the luxury to relax, be carefree and totally immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, making the most of your precious time. You have freedom from the time-consuming and onerous task of making logistical arrangements. All you have to do is show up  ready to have fun!

Quite simply a unique experience!


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