Why the Faun?

Two things we always get asked on our trips: the origins of the name Caspin and our logo, the Faun.
Well, one thing led to the other.
We had run out of ideas for an interesting company name and decided to blend our nicknames: Cas and Pino into Caspin.
Caspin reminded Caroline of a book called Prince Caspian (C.S.Lewis)
The original drawing

The Caspin Journeys “Faun” emerged from Caroline’s childhood memory of a picture of Mr Tumnus CS Lewis’ Narnia tale, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mr Tumnus was a peaceful, kind, sensitive and caring woodland dweller, half human and half goat who led little Lucy safely through the woods. And so Caspin Journeys became linked with the Faun.

A faun is the rural god of wine and fun (Roman mythology), taking the form of a man with goat legs, horns and a tail.
In Greek culture fauns are also associated with Pan, the god of shepherds, mountain wilds, meadows, wooded groves, fertility and rustic music.
His trademark musical instrument is the pan-flute and Caroline always travelled with a flute during her teenage years!
Pino was inspired to redraw our Faun in a walking position and then gave him a Chianti bottle and a walking stick in memory of our very first tour in Tuscany!
So, now you know all and can love our Faun too 😉
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