Why do many women travel together you may ask?
The simple answer is that they enjoy it 🙂


Women are sociable and have adventurous spirits. They love to have fun and have a unique ability to bring out the best in each other. They laugh and cry, share and learn, encourage and support in a totally unique way.

However interchangeable the roles of women and men are these days, however much time they enjoy living, working and doing things in mixed-sex groups, there are still times when men and women like to do things separately. Men might travel with other men with a focus such as fishing, hunting or playing golf. Women like to travel with other like-minded women to do a combination of activities: keeping fit and healthy, learning how to do a new craft or cook a new dish, chatting over steaming cappuccinos or a glass (or two) of sparkling wine, browsing around in shops, going abroad.

Many women spend their whole lives caring for others at home, at work and even on vacation. So, joining together as a group of like-minded women friends to travel on an organised tour, is an opportunity to switch off, totally relax and enjoy it – with the added bonus of being carefree because the logistics is taken care of by someone else!




Here at Caspin Journeys we are used to women joining our groups and to groups of women-friends requesting a private group tour. What’s more we only work with small groups – sometimes as few as 6 people, giving it a boutique-like feel.


Are you and your friend/s looking for a European vacation where you can still be active because you love the outdoors?


Do you have your own group of like-minded women friends you would you like to spend time with on your travels/vacation?

Our tours are all extraordinary journeys for active women who love the outdoors and want to experience Europe, not just see it – doing a fun and unique blend of outdoor and cultural activities and then relaxing over a great selection of local food and wine in places you would be difficult to find on your own.

Browse through our list of destinations. Our trips can also be tailored: we can flexibly help you blend the elements you choose to create a unique experience and the trip of a lifetime, just for you.

Contact us and tell us more! The Caspin Journeys Family are committed to helping you realise your dreams and goals.

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